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How does your business handle the current real estate market trends?

Adam Guildford 20 October 2016

In real estate, markets constantly shift and change. As an agent, you have to ride these real estate trends and adapt your techniques to continue to sell.

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It’s elementary: Five clues your agency isn’t invested in your real estate career goals

Adam Guildford 18 October 2016

Does your real estate agency have your best interests and real estate career goals at heart? This can be tough to answer.

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Real estate agent tips: Wasting time on $20/hr jobs instead of selling for $500/hr?

Adam Guildford 13 October 2016

$20 an hour, or $500 an hour—the math seems simple, but some real estate agencies just don’t get it.

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Is the real estate agency PA support you're receiving good enough?

Adam Guildford 11 October 2016

As a real estate agent, you’re out in the world, putting in the miles and the smiles needed to move as much stock as possible. This is your job, and you do it well.

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What real estate training opportunities are available to you at your current agency?

Adam Guildford 06 October 2016

As a real estate agent, you’ve undergone training in order to gain your qualification. But just because you’re now qualified, doesn’t mean your learning should stop?

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What are the growth prospects at your current real estate agency?

Adam Guildford 04 October 2016

Is your real estate office making a concerted effort to invest in growth?

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