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Does your agency support your real estate career vision?

Adam Guildford 29 September 2016

As a real estate agent, do you share the same future vision and real estate career goals as the owner/manager of your office?

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Is your real estate agency suffering from a lack of local brand presence?

Adam Guildford 27 September 2016

First impressions matter – that’s why we agents show up to a listing with our hair impeccably styled, our clothes chic, and our game face on. And yet, when it comes to presenting the real estate office in the public eye, many business owners overlook this simple fact.

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Is your real estate office focused on building your brand or theirs?

Adam Guildford 22 September 2016

For a successful real estate agent, branding is everything. A solid personal brand will carry you throughout your career and propel you to the top of your industry.

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Leadership qualities in a successful real estate agency

Adam Guildford 20 September 2016

When looking at advancing your real estate career, one of the most important decisions you make is the choice of office you work from. It’s vital you choose an office that’s right fit for you. This doesn’t just mean having the best resources and support for your career, but also the right leadership.

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How do you manage a lack of housing stock?

Adam Guildford 15 September 2016

Housing stock can and does fluctuate. Listing levels peak and dip according to the seasons (everyone experiences the infamous winter slump). And with a huge pool of local agents competing for the same properties, a drop in stock levels can be sobering news

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Nurturing your real estate leads into sales

Adam Guildford 13 September 2016

As a real estate agent, you understand the importance of having a steady stream of quality leads coming in, and a methodology for nurturing those real estate leads into sales.

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