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Licensed agents: Are you effective with email and digital?

Adam Guildford 01 December 2016

“You have to be online.” That’s what all the real estate marketing experts tell you. So you’ve created a website and some social media profiles. But are your online leads as strong as they could be?

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Reach maximum success in your real estate career

Adam Guildford 29 November 2016

You’re working hard to get your real estate license. You’re hungry for success and ready to dive right in.

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Real estate commission and income splits – what a new sales agent needs to know

Adam Guildford 24 November 2016

Money, money, money. We all want it, and as much of it as possible. It’s one of the main reasons you’re getting in on the real estate game; there's plenty of money to be had for top agents with the right skills.

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Agents: how many real estate leads are you converting?

Adam Guildford 22 November 2016

As an agent, your focus during the early years of your real estate career is on building your personal brand and lead generation platform. Once you have a deluge of leads coming in, your next job to tackle is closing those leads, and converting them into sales. We call this “lead conversion.”

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Considering a real estate career? Four ways to avoid failing big

Adam Guildford 17 November 2016

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in real estate, there’s one statistic you need to know – 20% of real estate agents do 80% of the business. That means the top 20% are raking in huge salaries – in high six- or seven-figures a year.

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Starting your real estate career? Choose the right agency.

Adam Guildford 15 November 2016

You’re completing your studies, and you’re about to become a newly licensed real estate agent. After framing your license (and likely splurging on a brand new wardrobe for your professional life), you’ll need to decide which agency you want to work for.

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